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I am a part of Hack Club, the world's largest network of high schoolers learning to code through tinkering and building projects, together. Next year, I plan on bringing over and Hack Club and leading the club to help introduce coding, hackathons, and a variety of event opportunities for students in my school.

I was introduced to coding when I was 5 years old and since then, I have been always attached to creating games, websites, bots, and just about anything, using a variety of different programming languages! I am a self taught programmer, community leader in Hack Club, and an avid learner. I really enjoy collaborating and creating cool projects with other hack clubbers who have the same interests as me. Programming is one of the greatest things that I have discovered in my life. I enjoy every bit of it especially knowing that it could help and benefit others. Sacrificing my time and spending countless hours debugging and creating code for others is my passion.

Hack Club

In Hack Club, I have been part of and have organized cool events including Open Source Fiesta! The goal of Open Source Fiesta was for participants to try and complete as many tasks as possible in order to receive their prizes. Tasks can vary from coding static website or designing a simple app to trying to creating a reverse polish calculator or writing a linux kernel module. Open Source Fiesta was a 3-day blast of open source fun! We received very positive feedback from the hack club community and even got a request to do it again! Next time, I plan on getting sponsors to help create tasks related to their company and bumping the prizes from gp (virtual money that all hack clubbers prize) to real prizes (ex. keyboards, cash prizes, etc.) using sponsorship money!

If you would like to see what I'm working on or have been working on, feel free to check out my scrapbook! Scrapbooks were created by Hack Club in order to share updates of learning, building, or coding every day. Hack Clubbers like me usually share a short video or picture and a short description of a recap of the day every day.


One type of event that I can never get sick of is hackathons. To me, they are so awesome since they allow creativity, bonding with other people who share the same interests as me, cool workshops, and more importantly, the late night snack raids! I have participated in many different types of hackathons including online ones. In every hackathon I participated in, I created and bonded with new friends. In one hackathon, my friend and I created Pong!+Flappy! which was a website that had 2 games: Pong and Flappy. We created both games from scratch and even added extra features including custom keybind controls, audio, a variety of object options, and much more! I plan on hosting a hackathon in the very near future becuase I want the generations behind me to have the opportunities I had and become captivated with hackathons and maybe even become inspired to host their own hackathon for the generation behind them!