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I have been playing soccer for about seven years of elite competitive club soccer. I have played for multiple clubs including Steel United, Beach FC, and Sand and Surf.

When most people think about an "outdoor adventure", this is probably not the type of sport that pops up in their heads. It is a worldwide sport which requires practitioners with strong psyche and well trained bodies. Furthermore, a positive attitude, endurance, and fighting spirit are important characters to show if you want to survive within the world of soccer. This is not only about a sport; it is about a lifestyle. It is not only about kicking a ball from one side of a field to another, it is about creating a bond between people. I would not say that soccer would solve the world's problems, but it would definitely bring more happiness to our planet.

My Position

In all of my years of playing soccer, I have always played as the center midfielder. If you didn’t know, the center midfielder is the powerhouse and ‘engine’ of the of the team. The central midfielder is expected to work up and down the pitch, and so needs to be tremendously fit. Their role involves both attacking and defending. Midfielders are normally good tacklers or good passers (some of the best ones excel at both), and are supposed to dictate the play from the center of the field. My 'job' is to give nice passes and assists so scoring goals is much easier for my team. However, if my team is losing, my 'job' changes to trying to score and become more offensively aggresive. As the captain of my team, I must be accountable after a bad performance or practice. I am expected to perform in the clutch and lead the team to victory. It is also expected that I will maintain control in the most pressurized situations and be the model of excellence for my teammates.

I really enjoy spending quality time with my teammates whether that’s on or off the field. Whether we lose or win, we do everything together which is what makes our team very strong and compact. In team sports like soccer, we look out for each other and support one another.