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I have been studying the piano with Dr. Heewon Kwon at the Colburn School since the age of 5.

I have always loved playing the piano and using my skills to bring peace and happiness to others by performing in Colburn, elder citizen communities, non-profit organizations, and underprivileged schools to introduce musical to those who don’t have musical opportunities.


In 2013, I made my concert debut performing with the Dream Orchestra in the ‘Night of Concerti’ concert. Since then, I have performed many solo and duo concertos with the Dream Orchestra in Zipper Hall at the Colburn School. In July 2016, I performed on the Walt Disney Concert Hall with Lang Lang, arguably the best professional pianist in the world. As a recipient of the Colburn School Merit Scholarship award, I have performed many recitals in the Colburn Friday Night Series, a variety of Colburn School recitals, and was chosen to perform at the Honors Recital with his brother. I have won many first place awards including the Concerto and Open Solo categories at the South western Youth Music Festival, CAPMT III Sonata Competition, the Classic Alive Artists competition at UCLA, New West symphony Quick Bowman festival, Open Chopin Competition, the Regional Honors Award at the SCJ Bach Festival, and many more.

Current Pieces

Currently, I am working on La Campanella by Liszt, (a piece to be said the 'hardest in piano history'), Paganini by Robert Muczynski, Grande Valse Brillante OP 34 No. 1, and Paganini/Liszt Etude 6.

For my practice, I usually go through each piece multiple times and focus on hard sections. Repetition is key when trying to master a section or part of a piece. My whole practice routinely usually takes around 1.5 hours. On special occassions like competitions, concerts, or performances, I increase my practice time up to around 2.5 hours. However, I have always believed that practicing longer is not better but practicing smarter or more focused for a shorter period of time is much more beneficial. For instance, practicing 30 minutes straight with no distractions is better than two hours with distractions and no focus.

My Performances

Throughout my life, I have played numerous pieces on the piano and have really enjoyed the aspect of sharing a piece that I have worked so hard to master to others! Down below, you can find some performances of me playing highlight pieces in my piano journey. Since I am still practicing and playing the piano, watch out for new performances/recitals every now and then!

    A small concerto to inner city elementary school students (part of Colburn's Musical Encounters Outreach Program) in which we played many solo pieces and a duet finale with my brother Dylan Iskandar