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I have been taking lessons from Kenton Youngstrom, a professional guitar teacher at the Colburn School, for six years.

Since I thought that I was doing pretty good at playing the piano, I decided to try out another instrument, guitar. I quickly realized that guitar was very different than the piano and playing it would be very akward. For instance, the piano requires short fingernails so when you press the keys, they don't have nail sounds. On the guitar however, your right hand needs longer fingernails to create bigger and better quality sounds.

More Info

I enjoy performing on the electric and acoustic guitar at the Friday Night Recital Series and School Recital Series that Colburn provides. I was invited to perform at the KGS Music Insitute Benefit Concert where I played Maria by Francisco Tarrega on the acoustic guitar. The goal of the concert was to help raise money to support others who don't have the same musical opportunities that I had. We ended up completely surpassing our donation goal with over $5k raised in total.

I usually practice my guitar after my piano for around 45 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on the circumstance. Overall, I really enjoy playing both the acoustic and electric guitar because they are compeletly different instruments than the piano, they sound very nice and crisp, and more importantly, they let me express my feelings in two ways. One of the most amazing things about the guitar is that there are two 'variations' of it. If I ever feel melodic, happy, or emotional, I can rely on the acoustic guitar. However, if I feel ruthless, refreshing, or resilient, I can jam out with the electric guitar.